4 Biggest Facebook Ads Mistakes

You might be wondering why you’ve been spending a lot for Facebook Ads but still don’t have conversions?


If that is the case, there are 4 Biggest Mistakes you are committing right now and you need to sort that out before you run out of time – and money.

#1 Bad Visuals

When it comes to advertising, you need to focus on what is your target audience likes and dislikes – their preferences and their wants. Don’t post images that are not in high-quality and photos with bad copies. Photos and videos can be engaging but you must pair it with a good copy. That’s why the second one is…

#2 Bad Copy

You need to attract a customer. Your main goal is to have their name on your list of subscribers or returning customers not people who unfollow your page because of bad copies. If you weren’t able to produce a short and meaningful message on your ads, hire someone who can!

#3 Missing Call-to-Action

Call-to-Actions are important in a Facebook ad. You have to lure your prey into your website or into your collections of products and let them shop – nonstop! A catchy and inviting call-to-action is a must for everyone.

#4 Not Paying Attention to your Ads

Please pay attention to your running ads. Check if you are doing something wrong. If you realised there’s something missing, fix it right away. Don’t waste your time – and money!

If you are having a problem with Social Media Advertising, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Online Monkeys are here to help!